Brain-Sight: Can touch allow us to “see” better than sight?

Which of the following procedures do you think would produce the most accurate representation of an object: tracing the object; looking at the object while drawing it; or, with your eyes closed, touching and feeling the object and then drawing … READ MORE>>

The New New Genetics Gets Practical

A new wave of research strongly suggests that genetics and environment together determine your fate. Is there a gene that leads you down the path to debilitating depression only after the fourth hard knock comes along in your life? Is … READ MORE>>

An Unavoidable Inheritance

Can trauma pass from one generation to the next? We must return and claim our past in order to move toward the future. It is in understanding who we were that will free us to embrace who we are now. … READ MORE>>

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Cerebellum but Were Afraid to Ask

Q&A with Professor Sam Wang The cerebellum has long been known to control coordination, but recent research has suggested it does a great deal more than that. by Franziska Green Professor Sam Wang, associate professor of molecular biology and neuroscience … READ MORE>>

LEARNING & MEMORY: How Do We Remember and Why Do We Often Forget?

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the very first time. —Friedrich Nietzsche MEMORY SITUATION #1: Immediately after your assistant has given you the number of an important client, you … READ MORE>>