HOPE: The Key to Using the Brain Well for Poverty Reduction and Universal Welfare

The poverty gap is one of the most pressing issues confronting mankind. Although the number of poor people as defined by the United Nations has gone down from 1.7 billion in 2011 to 1 billion in 2012, the problem persists. … READ MORE>>

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Thinking About Parenting How brain processes affect you and your kids by Julie Haire If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt grumbled something about losing your mind. According to clinical psychologist Jonathan Baylin, who, along with Daniel A. Hughes, wrote … READ MORE>>


Numbers Game: Kiefer Sutherland returns to TV in Touch New drama counts on child savant to show how we’re all connected by Gerri Miller Does a kid with a beautiful mind hold the secrets to the universe? In the new … READ MORE>>

5 ways to flip the switch on misery

by Paula Renaye Chronic complainers think they are expressing their feelings about their lives—but they do it repeatedly, incessantly and annoyingly, to anyone who will listen. Of course, none of it is their fault—they feel like helpless victims, that there … READ MORE>>

A Father’s Love: Actor Joe Mantegna on his Daughter’s Autism

You may know him as David Rossi in the popular TV series Criminal Minds or the voice of Fat Tony on The Simpsons, but what you might not know is that actor Joe Mantegna is the parent of an autistic … READ MORE>>

Who Are We?

Twins allow scientist to decipher to what extent is caused by genes and how much of it is shared environment. As identical twins, 19-month-old Sol and Luna share 100 percent of the same DNA. Both girls have soft oval faces, … READ MORE>>