And the 2012 Kavli Prize Winners are…

Hurray for Science! The winners of the 2012 prestigious $1 million Kavli Prize were announced live via satellite from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo. The event was simulcast at the Grand Hall of the NYU Global … READ MORE>>

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High-Risk, High-Reward Science: A Mega-Watt Panel at the NY Academy of Sciences

Where do great ideas come from? How do you know when you’re on the right path? These and other questions were addressed in a fascinating panel discussion presented by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, Discover Magazine and Science & … READ MORE>>

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By April Dawn Ricchuito, D.D. & MSW There 130 million youth worldwide who are not in school. Of these 130 million youth, 70% are girls. In developing countries, only one out of every four girls attends school. These little girls … READ MORE>>

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Babies Can Swim! When to begin swim lessons and why.

Babies Can Swim! All of the Benefits That May Surprise You! By Lana Whitehead Swimming is such fun and it is a wonderful way to stay healthy for life! Did you know that babies can develop a passion for swimming? … READ MORE>>

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World Press Freedom Day 2012 – New Voices in Media

On May 3rd the DPI/NGO (Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organizations) Relations in cooperation with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held a briefing in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in … READ MORE>>

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Cogito’s Social Signal Processing Platform…and Avatars!

These days a lot of attention is being paid to the men and women of our military, what with President Obama making surprise visits to the soldiers in Afganistan. But what about the folks who are returning home, many suffering … READ MORE>>

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