Brain World welcomes guest blogger–Teenage Philanthropist Bosilika An

Brain World Magazine welcomes 18 year old Bosilika An as guest blogger during her trip overseas this summer when she will visit Shanti Bhavan, a prestigious boarding school in the poverty stricken state of Tamil Nadu, India. As guest speaker … READ MORE>>

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On Thursday, June 14th, the Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organizations (DPI*NGO) of the United Nations in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute and Disneynature hosted a screening of Disneynature’s newest True-Life Adventure “Chimpanzee.” In true Disney-like fashion with panoramic vistas … READ MORE>>

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Are We Thirst Quenching Ourselves Unhealthy?

When we hear the phrase “junk food”, we know it means the calorie and fat filled chips and sugar-laden candies, cookies and goodies that fill store shelves and vending machines. But, recently we’ve seen a rapid rise in a new … READ MORE>>

The Nature of Human Resilience

Last Thursday evening, The New School’s Tishman Auditorium was brimming with those curious about the mechanics of how humanity bounces back from traumatic situations. The 2012 World Science Fair’s panel on The New Science of Human Resilience provided us with … READ MORE>>

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TTF Therapy: A Drug-Free Treatment for Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive and most common form of primary brain tumor in the U.S. Close to 10,000 patients in the U.S. are diagnosed with GBM every year. It is still unknown what causes GBM. Historically, based on … READ MORE>>

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