Several years ago, a friend’s daughter asked her father what he did for a living. He told her that he taught grown-ups how to draw. His little girl seemed puzzled at first, and then she exclaimed, “Oh, you mean they … READ MORE>>

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Walt Disney’s Visual-Spacial Giftedness

To see is to process…to process is to think and believe” Here is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic, and make-believe are reborn and fairy tales as rewritten … READ MORE>>

Super-Hearing: The Secret Power of Learning an Instrument

Cort Christopher, 20, stands in his college dorm room, electric violin plugged into his amp. His door is open and from his room the strains of DragonForce, a British metal band, pour out into the hallway. He is a good-looking … READ MORE>>

No Laughing Matter: Fran Drescher Speaks Out About Health

Everyone’s favorite flashy girl from Flushing, Fran Drescher is well known onscreen for her unique voice and her infectious laugh; one could even say that she’s famous for being funny. Offscreen, however, the star of Happily Divorced lends her famous … READ MORE>>

The Creative Science Behind the Emotional Brain

Emotional Styles” and Why Different People Respond to Different Therapies and Interventions Q&A with Dr. Richard J. Davidson Do you recover quickly from setbacks, or are you prone to wallow in despair? Do your friends think you’re psychic because you … READ MORE>>

Unleashing Brain Power in the Land of the Free

Liberia, the “Land of the Free,” was founded by African Americans and freed slaves from the United States in 1820. In a few years, thousands of them piled into settlements, and, in 1847, they proclaimed the independence of the Republic … READ MORE>>

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