August 29 – International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed the importance of a global ban on nuclear tests to achieve a safer and more secure world, calling on all States that have not yet done so to sign and ratify the international treaty that … READ MORE>>

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The Air Force’s Telehealth Virtual Reality System

The Air Force Medical Service participated in Air Force Week 2012 in New York City from Aug. 19-21. ┬áThe medical portion, “Air Force Medicine: 21st Century Care for Hometown Heroes,” featured three state-of-the-art deployment medicine programs that demonstrated the continuum … READ MORE>>

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Air Force Week is a program endorsed by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force that provides the opportunity to show and tell civic leaders, opinion leaders and the general public what we do, while at the same time, … READ MORE>>

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Fight Automaticity! Maximize Brainpower!

“Because our culture and our technology have advanced faster than we can advance biologically, human beings have become cognitively obsolete in the world we ourselves created!” In the superb new book, Maximum Brainpower: Challenging the Brain for Health and Wisdom, … READ MORE>>

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The Olympics and Your Brain!

Those Olympic athletes are amazing! Everyday, every minute we are watching astounding feats of body and mind. Daring, enduring, dominating…water polo? So many inspiring stories…what must we do? Get off the couch and run or swim! Do something! According to … READ MORE>>