A Revolutionarily Simple Solution to Bullying

by Garret Kramer Recent school bullying and cyberbullying statistics show that one out of four kids are bullied; one in five students admit to being a bully, or doing some bullying; 160,000 students miss school each day for fear of … READ MORE>>

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Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s Intuition: Dead or Alive?

An Account of the 14th Annual Lynford Lecture at NYU-Poly By Margaret Emory How much is 2 + 2? Easy, right? Okay, how about 17 x 24? Uh oh, that’s a bit more challenging. In fact, right now you’re probably … READ MORE>>

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Creative Cognition

Creativity is an aspect of personality that is characterized by novel and appropriate ideas and processes. Linda Neiman, founder of Creativity at Work, a consulting, coaching and training alliance, relates that creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative … READ MORE>>

The Tortured Artist

Do you have to be crazy to be creative? by Contessa Schexnayder Timothy Ryan, a nonfiction writer who was recently accepted to Columbia University’s MFA program, knows the ebb and flow of bipolar disorder and how it affects the creative … READ MORE>>

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