The Happiness of Mobile Users – An Infographic!

Kiip, the leading company that provides product rewards in mobile games and apps, has made an infoGraphic that shares happiness data collected from millions of mobile users in their network. The graphic measures when, where, and how people are finding … READ MORE>>

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National Brain Game Challenge – September 30th!

To Merl Reagle, one of the nation’s most prolific puzzle masters whose Sunday crosswords appear every week in more than 50 newspapers, language is a playground. Take the word “ambidextrous” which means having the ability to use left and right … READ MORE>>

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The UN’s First Ever High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace

The sixty-sixth General Assembly convenes high-level forum on the “Culture of Peace”, with education, youth outreach, women’s empowerment highlighted as keys to a more peaceful world. Secretary-General:  Through education we can teach children not to hate; Round Tables: Building partnerships; … READ MORE>>

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Helicopter Parents May be Great For Online School Enrollment, But What About Development?

Writer and researcher for, Estelle Shumann today explores how the proliferation of online education options is inadvertently encouraging the behavior of helicopter parents. Although attending school online can benefit a number of students, the lack of time away from … READ MORE>>

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