Robert K. Massie’s Compassionate Activism

by Margaret Emory When it comes to fatal diseases, Robert Massie is a triple threat, having survived hemophilia, HIV and liver failure. Born with classical hemophilia, a painful disorder that causes repeating bleeding in the joints, he spent most of … READ MORE>>

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Syntonics: Colored Light Therapy for Balance

It is estimated that half a million people in the United States may have winter depression, and 10 to 20 percent suffer from a condition related to changes in the amount of daylight called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. One … READ MORE>>

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How EMDR Therapy Opens a Window to the Brain

by Francine Shapiro, PhD Over the past two decades, the use of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has provided researchers and clinicians with the ability to observe how symptoms develop and can be rapidly treated. Over 20 randomized … READ MORE>>

Hypnosis: Nature’s Swiss Army Knife

By John McGrail, PhD With its myriad combinations of attachments and implements, the Swiss army knife is truly a versatile and nifty device, allowing us to easily accomplish numerous tasks, from filing nails to opening a bottle of wine. If … READ MORE>>

On Fear, Emotions and Memory : Rock Star/Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux’s New Terms

Humans are the only animals that can imagine the future. That’s great when it comes to figuring out what makes us happy. But what about those sleepless nights filled with anxiety? Joseph LeDoux has spent 30 years studying the biological … READ MORE>>