BUCKYBALL: How Art Meets Math in NYC

If you walked by a towering 30-foot carbon molecule situated in a small but crowded New York City park, would you recognize it as such? Leo Villareal hopes so, he’s the artist behind BUCKYBALL, the latest art installation showcased in … READ MORE>>

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Amen Clinics & Brain SPECT Imaging

“I belong to the only group of doctors that never looks at the organ they treat,” said Dr. Daniel Amen at the recent presentation on Brain SPECT Imaging which marked the official opening of the New York Amen Clinic in … READ MORE>>

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Brain World & Dahn Yoga at MS Research Center NY’s Annual Symposium

Brain World Magazine Team-Margaret Emory, editor (glasses), Mitria Di Giacomo, advtg. consultant (pink), Liz Belilovskaya, journalism intern (yellow) and Dahn Yoga’s Daniel Jung. On October 21, 2012 from 9:30-2:30 pm, Brain World Magazine and Dahn Yoga/Tai Chi were invited to … READ MORE>>

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“Wrath Goes Viral” at the New York Academy of Sciences

With a title like Science and the Seven Deadly Sins and more specifically Wrath Goes Viral you’d think we’d be in for an evening of mass murder, anger management, or internet bullying. But noooooooo, at the New York Academy of … READ MORE>>

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The Irreversible Ways Educational Psychology and Technology Changed the Brain

By Hanna Lindstrom Children today are saturated in technology—from digital learning games to more advanced interactions like social networking and text messaging. The Internet has changed much about how young people today connect and receive information. Though written off by … READ MORE>>

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The Origin & Nature of Consciousness: NYAS’ First Fall Offering

The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) kicked off its fall series, “The Emerging Science of Consciousness: Mind, Brain and the Human Experience” with a lively discussion entitled “The Thinking Ape: The Enigma of Human Consciousness.” Seeking to plummet this … READ MORE>>

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Dr. David Perlmutter’s DHA, EPA, GLA & BDNF!

Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D., FACN, neurologist and author of “How to Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten” says that the our brains are 60% fat, but what really matters is what fats are in our diets. He should know. He’s recognized … READ MORE>>

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