Flu and Fever Fun

I am sick. It’s really unfortunate as I had plans for my week off, but here I am, sitting in a pool of formally white tissues now covered in an array of tinted mucus. With my collection of antihistamines, decongestants, … READ MORE>>

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Music: It’s Got the Power To Move You

You know that feeling you get when your favorite party track starts playing on the radio? Your feet start tapping to the beat, your body begins swaying to the rhythm, and your head bops side to side; you suddenly realize … READ MORE>>

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“Sharing is Caring” or Is It?

It’s very likely that you’ve heard the expression, “sharing is caring”. While most people tend to fall in line with this notion and engage in sharing because of how good it makes them feel, there are those who harbor alternative … READ MORE>>

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How to Create a Comfortable Study Environment

The right study environment can make or break your concentration. You want a comfortable place to look over your notes to keep your focus in check. The following tips will help you create the best study environment possible no matter … READ MORE>>

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What is the Right Age to Send Your Kid to Playschool?

When people hear the word “playschool,” they often envision a popular brand of children’s toys that has lived through quite a few decades. While they are right in their thoughts, playschool also refers to a nursery school that children attend … READ MORE>>

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“Siri, Search for Syncope.”

Last Friday, right after purchasing my new and coveted iPhone 5, I fainted. I suppose the excitement was a bit too much for me; after all, these gadgets are pretty nifty. Because I don’t pass out at random every day, … READ MORE>>

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A Graphic Look at Concussions

Graphic from MastersInHealthcare.com

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Deepak Chopra speaks of “Love In Action” at the UN

How does one unlearn intolerance? Does a double negative cancel itself out? One could hope. Intolerance is like a bad habit. The more you try to avoid it, stamp it out, the more it rears its ugly head. It’s a … READ MORE>>

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