Searching for the Cause and Cure of MS

Dr. Saud Sadiq and the Tisch MS Research Center of New York by Terry Mapes Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects 2.5 million people worldwide, including 400,000 Americans. The National Institutes of Health describes MS as a nervous-system disease impacting the brain … READ MORE>>

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Caring for Our Veterans: The Wounded Warrior Project

by Susan Hornik If ever you want a lesson in courage, strength and the ability to persevere despite any obstacle, talk to one of the wonderful people who participate in the Wounded Warrior Project. The Jacksonville-based nonprofit organization’s purpose is … READ MORE>>

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Helping Our Kids Quiet Their Minds and Change Their Brains

Remember when there was time to stop and smell the roses? At some point, that stopped. We became a society of jugglers; all suffering from culturally induced ADD. We brush our teeth while shampooing our hair. We make dinner while … READ MORE>>

Searching for Roger Federer’s Brain

When it comes time to step onto the tennis court, who wouldn’t want Roger Federer’s brain? Well, brain, yes, and other physical attributes, too, for sure. Like his footwork, his serve, his volley…Can you tell I’m obsessed? But since the … READ MORE>>