Neurotoxins and the Developing Brain

We have long known that there is a critical period during a child’s development during which the brain is considerably more malleable than an adult’s brain. In other words, outside influences – both positive and negative – have a much … READ MORE>>

Top Scientists Convene at the New York Academy of Sciences to discuss brain development in the early stages of life

The Fifth Annual Aspen Brain Forum convened last week in New York City, at the New York Academy of Sciences’ new headquarters in World Trade Center’s seventh tower, from November 11-13, 2014, an event sponsored by the journals Science, The … READ MORE>>

Hoarding Disorder

From reality shows about OCD to documentaries about drug use, modern television programming has no shortage of content concerning mental health. One syndrome in particular seems to be particularly popular on our TV screens: hoarding disorder. You’ll find Hoarding: Buried … READ MORE>>