Until Inspiration Comes Along: Five Habits of Creative People

You may still be a writer in search of an agent, or an artist in search of a patron, but you’re determined to get that first creative endeavor finished some time this year and show the world what you’ve got. … READ MORE>>

The Hipster Paradox

Where I work, my customers drink beer, a lot of beer. But not the trendy, craft microbrews flooding in from San Diego and Portland. They drink cheap beer — Coors, Budweiser, and, most of all, Pabst. They bring out their … READ MORE>>

The Creative Process of Storytelling

A CONVERSATION WITH CLAY KAYTIS AND FERGAL REILLY – DIRECTORS OF ‘THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE’ You’ve probably heard of Angry Birds — the popular phone app video game, or you’re one of the many who can’t stop playing it. Now, … READ MORE>>

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