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What is Face Blindness?

It happens to most of us from time to time; someone comes up, calls us by name and launches into a chummy conversation. Though you can’t recall their face, within seconds it’s clear you and this someone have a relationship of some sort. And so, you nod politely, desperately analyzing their [ … ]


Unlocking the Wisdom of the Brain

We all know that age brings about the decline of certain brain functions such as memory recall and reaction time. What might be less known is that studies show that people become more satisfied with themselves and their lives as they get older. Eurobarometer and Gallup conducted a study [ … ]

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Try More Sleep and Reap the Rewards

The average human spends one-third of their life sleeping, but rumor has it that things were a little bit different for Leonardo da Vinci: da Vinci would only take 1-hour naps every 4 hours. Looking at one of the most influential geniuses of mankind, one might think that sleeping might actually be [ … ]

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5 Ways to Flip the Switch on Misery

Chronic complainers think they are expressing their feelings about their lives — but they do it repeatedly, incessantly and annoyingly, to anyone who will listen. Of course, none of it is their fault — they feel like helpless victims, that there is nothing to do to change their pitiful circumstances. [ … ]

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The Power of Green

It’s not just fresh air that helps clear your mind when you take a walk in the park — simply being around plants and trees has a beneficial effect, too. What can numb pain, make you a better person, and help you concentrate … ? A plant. It may sound far-fetched, but it’s true. While big pharmaceutical companies spend billions trying to come up with new medications to [ … ]

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Empowering Our Children With The Gift Of Happiness

As a mother of two young girls and as a pediatrician who cares for kids from birth through age 21, I cannot count the times I have heard a mother say, “All I want is for my child to be happy.” It is of utmost importance that a mother be equipped to empower her children with the tools to guarantee a lifetime of happiness. Happiness is a choice. We must choose to be happy, and we must teach [ … ]

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I Can’t Decide! Why An Increase in Choices Decreases Our Happiness

Generally, the ability to choose is a good thing. It enables us to be the driver of our own destiny, fill our need for self-determination and express who we are to the world. Logic would assume that the more choices we have, the better the options, resulting in a greater satisfaction by getting exactly what we want; a secret to happiness. But as our options have continued to increase [ … ]

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The Best Diet You Can Go On

Our culture teaches that if you work hard enough at anything, you’ll be successful. Recent studies, however, suggest that hard work may not be enough when it comes to weight loss.
At a time when obesity is a national — and increasingly an international — epidemic, scientists are weighing in on the billion-dollar weight-loss industry to try and figure out what it takes [ … ]