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What Meditation Does To The Brain

Anyone who has ever attempted to meditate can vouch for the fact that while it is theoretically simple, it is extremely challenging in practice. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it difficult, and it is also what makes it worthwhile. “Mindfulness meditation” (the practice most popular in the United States) [ … ]

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From Building Brains to Brained Buildings: An Interview with Michael A. Arbib

These days, our lives are run by genius gadgets: iPhones, iPads, computers, robots. Did you ever stop to wonder who put the “Siri” in Siri? And what does R2-D2’s brain — if you can call it that — look like? As technology and computers make their presence more and more known in every facet of our lives, wouldn’t it be good to understand how it all works? Michael A. Arbib knows a thing or two about [ … ]


Can Exercise Pump Up “Mental Muscle”?

Physical education has long been an integral part of most educational curricula, but could it actually be a key conduit to academic success? That’s the hypothesis of New York University professor Wendy Suzuki, who introduced the highly popular class“Can Exercise Change Your Brain?”” in fall 2010. [ … ]

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Rewire Your Life: Looking Closely At Your Media Use

The U.S. leads the world in the amount of people regularly using the internet — yet, with all the information it brings into our lives, our media diet is typically pretty myopic. So says internet activist Ethan Zuckerman in his book, “Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection.” Zuckerman, who is also the director of MIT’s Center for Civic Media, posits that we can “rewire the world” by [ … ]