Unlocking the Wisdom of the Brain

We all know that age brings about the decline of certain brain functions such as memory recall and reaction time. What might be less known is that studies show that people become more satisfied with themselves and their lives as they get older. Eurobarometer and Gallup conducted a study [ … ]

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Meet Your Brain’s GPS: The Hippocampus

Your brain probably doesn’t enjoy waking up early anymore than you do — a complicated task of taking in the first daylight and establishing your surroundings, just before you check your alarm clock and realize you’ve got about a half hour until your morning commute. From then on, there’s probably a hundred other decisions [ … ]

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Food for the Body, Food for the Mind

When determining what to consume, both in terms of food and information, it is helpful to have a standard with which to judge the effects of our choices. For food, it is helpful to have a sense of what it feels like to be truly healthy. It is possible to feel what the food you eat is doing to you when the senses of your body are restored to a natural equilibrium. But what kind of standard should we use for the mind? [ … ]

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The Neuroscience Behind Rationalizing Our Mistakes

Many of us have a hard time admitting when we’re wrong, but, even more so, we don’t like admitting that something about our logic (or belief systems) is flawed. So we rationalize, justify and sometimes fictionalize our stories, telling rose-colored lies to downplay our mistakes and make our choices and behaviors seem less faulty. [ … ]

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Until Inspiration Comes Along: 5 Habits of Creative People

You may still be a writer in search of an agent, or an artist in search of a patron, but you’re determined to get that first creative endeavor finished some time this year and show the world what you’ve got. Here are just a few habits that creative people — many of them well-known — practice daily. Feel free to make them your own, and pretty soon you’ll be creating your masterwork. [ … ]

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How To Survive Your Teenager’s Brain

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet: Two teenagers fall instantaneously and deeply in love despite their families’ being bitter enemies. Believing themselves to be “star-crossed lovers,” they seize the moment and secretly marry. Eventually they and their best friends die. The theme of the play is [ … ]