Did you know that you can manage your disease better than anyone else can, even better than your doctor? Yes, you can take charge of your disease and help banish it from your mind. How? Begin by having a positive approach to the illness and your health. Discard negative thoughts such as, “I can’t do this. Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong to deserve this?” Replace this thinking with “I can manage this disease.”
Here are five simple steps to manage any health issue:

STEP 1: Learn everything you can about what you’re facing, and never stop learning. The more you learn the better you can manage it. This step works for maintaining health, too.
STEP 2: Understand the diagnostic process. How do you know the diagnosis is correct? Is it typical or unusual? Are the tests going to help with your diagnosis? Being thorough is not a good enough reason to have a test. What diagnosis is a test for? What are the risks of a test? Is a biopsy necessary to confirm the diagnosis, and why?
STEP 3: Know your treatment options. There are always options. Find out about the natural history of your disease. What happens if you don’t do anything? Sometimes the problem will go away after a few days, or after a few weeks without treatment. Knowing the natural progression will give you a benchmark to monitor your progress with the treatment. Ask about the benefits and the risks of treatments, not only short-term, but also long-term, over a period of years.>>Please Subscribe for Full Article text


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