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The Art of Tasting: Your Brain on Wine

There is no beverage in the world that holds as much mystery, flavor, texture, color, and history as wine. It is a drink that has traveled through both space and time — from the dark, dank caves near a small … READ MORE>>

Tunnel of Light: Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences

In 1982, a young stained-glass artist by the name of Mellen-Thomas Benedict lay dying of an inoperable brain tumor. In order to have the best quality of life before his immanent death, Benedict declined chemotherapy treatments. After about 18 months … READ MORE>>

Mozart in the Crib?

For centuries, lullabies have been used by various cultures around the world to pass down cultural knowledge and tradition, but most importantly they facilitate a nurturing relationship between caregiver and child. They have been seen to develop infants’ communication skills, … READ MORE>>