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You’re Fired!: The Subordinate Brain at Work

  In our market-based economy, everyone has a boss. Most of us answer to a manager or supervisor, but even the CEO answers to shareholders. So the pressures of being judged for your work hardly vanish the further up the … READ MORE>>

The Transposed Mind: How Self-Aware Are We?

In the movie “Self/less,” Ben Kingsley plays a wealthy industrialist who has only a few months left to live. So he hires an enigmatic medical organization to transfer his consciousness into the body of a younger man, one they tell … READ MORE>>

Learning in the Digital Age

The ultra-connectivity of our modern society is causing a wholesale shift in the way we retain information in our heads. Where most of history has been a process of wielding tools to remember things for us (everything from scratches on … READ MORE>>

The Science of Love

New insight into love might help us make it better Since the days when our ancestor Australopithecus first sauntered across the African savannah, love has been one of the most cherished and enduring mysteries of nature. It’s hard to define, … READ MORE>>

The Shopping Addictions

In April 2013, Buzz Bissinger, author of the book Friday Night Lights, wrote an extraordinary story in GQ Magazine where he admitted to owning 81 leather jackets, dozens of pairs of boots and leather gloves, a $5,000 pair of pants … READ MORE>>

Finding Yourself: Body Schemas and More

Somewhere in our heads, a constant mental narrative tells us where we are, if we’re upside down, where our physical self stops and where the surrounding world begins. Body awareness, also called the body schema or corporeal awareness, is essential … READ MORE>>