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Sounds to Live By

Music isn’t essential for our survival. You won’t die if you go without listening for a week and it’s not necessary for procreation. So why does your brain crave music? In a 2013 issue of Science, neuroscientists reported that music … READ MORE>>

Expand Your Wits, and Your Horizon

Here’s a small experiment for you: In a notebook or on a piece of paper, jot down a memory of a time when you were happy. Include details — what you were doing, what you were seeing, and how you … READ MORE>>

The Impact of Climate Change on our Brains

Call it what you want — global warming or climate change — but we can all agree that it isn’t beneficial for any- one. In fact, the latest studies are beginning to show just how much of an impact cli- … READ MORE>>

Playing Mind Games: How Criminals Manipulate and Get Caught

After graduating from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and becoming a trial lawyer, James A. Ardaiz quickly rose to the ranks of chief deputy district attorney. During those years, he interrogated hundreds of hardened criminals and … READ MORE>>

The Science Behind Those Moody Blues

There was a long line at the coffee shop, and your shoe broke on the way back home. The dog had an accident on the living room carpet. Again. The client who promised you payment for work submitted last week … READ MORE>>

Are Your Dreams Making You Smarter?

What if every time you went to sleep, tiny elves ran around your brain, organizing the clutter, putting names, faces, relationships and conversations in the right places, and polishing up the facts you learned during the day? And what if, … READ MORE>>

Marketing to Your Mind

Remember that slew of Herbie movies from the ’70s and ’80s in which a talking car goes on many an adventure? That this talking car would be a Volkswagen Beetle was no accident. In fact, it was specifically chosen because … READ MORE>>

Why Is Facebook So Hard to Quit?

Consider this: Less than a decade ago, there was no Facebook. Twitter hadn’t yet been conceived. Researchers and psychologists were still learning that the Internet—and more so, computer games—could indeed be addictive. We hadn’t yet programmed ourselves to share intimate … READ MORE>>


Becoming a mother is a life-changing event, bringing out hormones and natural tendencies in a woman that help prepare her during the nine months until the child is born. Nature has ensured that women are ready when the baby finally … READ MORE>>


by Mridu Khullar Relph It seems an unlikely place to find a discussion on free will, but neuroscientists often grapple with the question of who is making your life choices: Your brain or your consciousness? More importantly, what’s the difference? … READ MORE>>


■ What goes on inside your brain when you’re dreaming? Well, as it happens, no one seems to know exactly. Not the mystics with the crystal balls, not the dream interpreters, and not even, as you might suspect, scientists. While … READ MORE>>

The Hidden Cost Of Sporting Events

Countries around the world deal with trash left behind. READ MORE>>

Inside The Dream Mind

What goes on inside your brain when you’re dreaming? READ MORE>>