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In The “Creative” Zone: An Interview with Dr. Charles Limb

What do Franz Liszt and Jay Z have in common? Not much — one is a classical composer, the other is a rapper; one is dead, the other is alive. We could go on, but one thing they do have in common is their fantastic ability to improvise. Both have or had musical, skill but what really sets them apart from their contemporaries is their ability to perform without preparation — creating music on the spur of the moment. […]


10 All-Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Early on in my career as a professional fitness trainer, I realized that it was not the lack of will or desire that kept a large percentage of my clientele from reaching their fitness goals; it was the presence of chronic, debilitating pain. The most common types of pain limiting the client’s motion were neck and back pain, often related to injuries. […]

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Realizing Executive-Thinking Brilliance (and How Recent U.S Presidents Stack Up)

Higher-level thinking isn’t something only scientists, inventors or writers enjoy. All of us, including executives, have the capacity to increase mental functioning — especially spatial intelligence — to enrich our lives. Four thinking dimensions affect the way we experience and communicate with the world around us, and each dimension contributes to the process of creative problem-solving and brilliant thinking. […]

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Where Do We Go From Here? The Psyche on the Move

Centuries ago, our hominin ancestors — apes that have been linked to all modern humans via mitochondrial DNA evidence — began a great migration across the African continent, first originating in the deserts before the land became too harsh to support life. According to some recent studies, apes like orangutans and chimpanzees have demonstrated the ability to make plans […]

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Healthy Living and Magnetism

Biomagnetism is present in all living organisms because of their interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field. Thanks to a discovery by the 16th century English astronomer and physicist William Gilbert, we know that the Earth is a massive magnet, due to the circling electric currents in its liquid outer core. […]

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9 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

As February 14 has arrived, so does the long list of expectations that comes along with it. If you are one half of a couple, perhaps you’ve ordered flower orders and made dinner reservations. And if you aren’t, then you may be dreading the upcoming holiday and looking forward to February 15 instead. But what if this year you choose to do things a little differently? […]