An aging brain is a distracted brain

You’re sitting there with seven tabs open on your internet browser. Plus another one for your email. Your phone is going off, three texts from a friend inviting you out this weekend. There’s a Facebook notification that someone “liked” that … READ MORE>>

Gliding without GABA

You may blame your two left feet on your cerebellum, or your genetics. But maybe, it’s your GABA that’s to blame. Whether you’ve got moves like Jagger, or you lose your balance like Larry and Moe, scientists have learned that … READ MORE>>

Your Brain on Pumpkin Pie

You take a slow bite of the pumpkin pie, a hint of cinnamon behind the rich pumpkin flavor. With a crumbly crust and thick whipped cream, you’re settling into autumn the way you should be. Or should you? With refined … READ MORE>>

UVA Researchers Make Startling Discovery: The Immune System and the Brain

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. In March, we remember those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. In April, we wear blue in hopes of discovering the cause – and finding a cure for – autism spectrum disorder. In light of recent … READ MORE>>

Predicting the Future: The Science of Psi, Part One

The subfield of science that seeks to gather empirical evidence regarding psychic ability (as well as other paranormal events, such as telepathy and telekinesis) is known as parapsychology. It’s an esoteric study often automatically met with doubt and disregard by scientists in other fields. However, an exploration of the evidence suggests that it may be worth taking a second look. READ MORE>>

The Neuroscience of Comedy

“A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes have rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his … READ MORE>>

The Zero Point Living the Earth Citizen Way

When we are born, we receive a name. That’s the first piece of information we get. Then we realize we are a certain race, a certain nationality, a certain ethnicity, and the information starts accumulating in our brains. As we … READ MORE>>


How Your Brain Helps You Bounce Back By Steven M. Southwick, MD, and Dennis S. Charney, MD We all respond to stress, trauma and tragedy in our own unique ways. Some people become immobilized by stress and lose their ability … READ MORE>>

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The Power of Green

It’s not just fresh air that helps clear your mind when you take a walk in the park—simply being around plants and trees has a beneficial effect, too. What can numb pain, make you a better person, and help you … READ MORE>>

Searching for the Cause and Cure of MS

Dr. Saud Sadiq and the Tisch MS Research Center of New York by Terry Mapes Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects 2.5 million people worldwide, including 400,000 Americans. The National Institutes of Health describes MS as a nervous-system disease impacting the brain … READ MORE>>

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Searching for Roger Federer’s Brain

When it comes time to step onto the tennis court, who wouldn’t want Roger Federer’s brain? Well, brain, yes, and other physical attributes, too, for sure. Like his footwork, his serve, his volley…Can you tell I’m obsessed? But since the … READ MORE>>

A Century of Vitamins

The Brains Behind the 13 Essentials By Michael McBurney It has been a century since a Polish-American biochemist named Casimir Funk coined the word vitamine, and now, 100 years later, the 13 essential vitamins play an important role in the … READ MORE>>

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The Violent Brain: Ingredients of a Mass Murderer

By Lauren Migliore On July 20, 2012, a heavily armed young man walked into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and opened fire on the audience, killing 12 people and injuring nearly 60. Here’s the thing: On paper, James Holmes … READ MORE>>

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Charles Darwin on the Expression of Human Emotions

Charles Darwin on the Expression of Human Emotions Helpful Hints for Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers As Alzheimer’s disease progresses into its middle stage and later, word-finding skills diminish and meaningful verbal communication becomes increasingly impaired or even nonexistent. The thoughts, desires … READ MORE>>

The Healing Force of Art: Cleveland Clinic’s Arts & Medicine Institute

A 4-year-old was in the hospital and very anxious and afraid. Every time someone new walked in the room he would start crying and ask, “Shot?” However, when the music therapist walked in the door he smiled and asked, “Guitar”? … READ MORE>>

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