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In Love With Love: The Science of Love Addiction

Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship or repeatedly returned to an ex even when you knew it wasn’t a good idea? When you’re in a committed relationship do you wonder if you’ve chosen the right one? Have you ever fantasized about someone from your past, thinking you should have kept them around? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you just might be addicted to love. [ … ]

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Sometimes When We Touch

The skin is our largest organ. Its nerve endings and pressure receptors are tactile pathways, activated through touch, which our brain uses to interpret and explore the world around us. But recent research suggests that the brain’s response to touch serves an even wider purpose, providing critical stimulation during all stages of life. [ … ]

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Puppy Love? It’s All In Your Brain

Loyal, lovable and protective of us and our property, dogs have been our best friends since the last Ice Age, as a 27,000-year-old painting of a child and a dog on the walls of Chauvet Cave in France bears out. Studies showing that the companionship, unconditional love and sense of well-being that dogs provide make us happier [ … ]


Neuroplasticity In Action

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change under the influence of experience and activities. Neuroplasticity used to be thought of as a limited phenomenon, mostly restricted to the early years of life. More recently it has been demonstrated that neuroplasticity continues throughout life, even in advanced age. [ … ]

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An Explorer’s Guide to Epigenetics

You just might be stuck with that crooked nose or receding hairline, but no longer are you sentenced to cancer, diabetes, depression, and other unwelcome inheritances from your forebears. The science of epigenetics is teaching us how we can better understand and perhaps override specific genetic tendencies. [ … ]

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Humanity has always been fascinated with the idea of artificial intelligence — if we manage to create it, it would be one of the pinnacles of human innovation, our own version of godhood, a manmade miracle. And, giving credit where it’s due, we have made leaps and bounds in the right direction [ … ]

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Our Brains Are Wired For Empathy

Empathy is wired in our brains. As a matter of fact, we have entire circuits dedicated to it. For instance, when we see someone engage in an activity or go through a particular experience, mirror neurons ignite in our brains. They play a role in helping us understand what someone else is going through [ … ]