Stress takes more than just an emotional toll on a person; stress has direct physiological results, including an increase in blood pressure, an increase in hormonal activity and an overall decline in the functioning of the immune system. In addition, stress leads people to engage in behavior that is harmful to their health, including poor eating habits and decreased sleep.
We tend to think of emotional eating, or “stress eating,” as a bad thing. But nourishing your nerves can counteract the damage that chronic pressure does to your body. So when all hell breaks loose, calmly reach for a handful of nature’s bounty: nuts.
Try almonds, which are bursting with vitamin E. This antioxidant helps to boost the immune system and is known to have properties which alleviate stress. Almonds also contain B vitamins, which work on several different parts of the body to provide stress-coping mechanisms. In short, almonds may help your body hold up during seriously unpleasant events. Just a quarter cup a day is all you need. Try replacing your PB&J sandwich with AB&J! >>Please Subscribe for Full Article text<<

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