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How the Brain Remembers Our Dreams

We often live our lives with the advice to “follow our dreams,” to always do that which we can aspire to do. While dreams in reality are often less flattering than that, and almost always less coherent, we’ve attached value … READ MORE>>

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Baddeley’s Rendition of Body Temperature and Time Perception is One of Science’s Rare Singles

As of today, I have survived one third of that icy purgatory between autumn and spring that we call winter. With “The Roof is Leaking,” on repeat, Phil Collins pulled me through it last year. But even his crooning reassurance … READ MORE>>

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10 Things You Should Know About Superstition

My sister called me and told me her trip was cursed. It was a sign. No matter what she tried, she couldn’t seem to get to the airport. I told her not to trust her instincts, to try harder and … READ MORE>>

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Different Strokes for Different Folks – The Grandparent Dilemma

Despite the fact that I love both of my remaining grandparents very much, I can’t deny that they are two of the most stubborn people in the world making it very difficult for my family to efficiently care for them. … READ MORE>>

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Schizophrenia and Syd Barrett – Shine on You Crazy Diamond

I heard a track recently, something that I haven’t heard in a long while, and it’s called Shine on You Crazy Diamond. You may have heard of it. Released by Pink Floyd in 1975, it was a tribute to their … READ MORE>>

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In Search of Memory: The Neuroscientist Eric Kandel

IN SEARCH OF MEMORY is a cinematographic homage to one of the greatest researchers of our generation–Eric Kandel. He is an 83 year-young, Nobel Prize-winning and game-changing neuroscientist who also happens to possess a witty, sentimental and loving persona. In … READ MORE>>

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Dr. Raj’s new book – YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT

Dr. Rajiv Juneja (aka Dr. Raj) has written a book, a very useful book called You are More than That, A Guide to Embracing the Spiritual Being Within and Becoming Fully Human. Like many of us on the western culture’s … READ MORE>>

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World Science Festival to Announce Programming and Release Tickets

World Science Festival to Announce Programming and Release Tickets From May 29-June 2 – 5 Days, 5 Boroughs and 50 Incredible Events What: On Tuesday, April 22nd the World Science Festival announces its spectacular program lineup, which takes over New … READ MORE>>

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How Your Brain Helps You Bounce Back By Steven M. Southwick, MD, and Dennis S. Charney, MD We all respond to stress, trauma and tragedy in our own unique ways. Some people become immobilized by stress and lose their ability … READ MORE>>

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Party Monster Blues

My cousin from Moscow is in town this week. He’s one of those remarkable people that can party up a storm while staying entirely composed and, more importantly, perfectly coherent. I watched him in complete amazement as he wined and … READ MORE>>

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John Kortum’s “The Kortum Technique” – Using Our Five Senses to Heal Ourselves

By Margaret Emory What would you say if I told you I could see health indicators emanating from your body about problematic conditions in your organs and regulatory systems past, present and future? For instance, let’s say we were walking … READ MORE>>

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Your Spring Awakening: Mind, Body, and Soul

By Marla Tomazin As the temperatures rise and the flowers start to bloom, do you catch the spring cleaning bug? If so, you’re not alone. When the bright, warm rays of spring sunlight begin to finally stream through our windows, … READ MORE>>

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An Interview with Marlene Zuk on her book “Paleofantasy: What Evoluation Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet and How We Live.”

By Liz Belilovskaya Marlene Zuk is a professor in the department of ecology, evolution and behavior at the University of Minnesota, the author of Sex on Six Legs, and last year’s Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet … READ MORE>>

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Why Do We Always Expect the Worst? (and How to Stop Doing That!)

By Todd Patkin “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.” —John Milton Have you ever noticed that people tend to expect things to go badly? Often, without any … READ MORE>>

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USA Memory Champ Nelson Dellis Shares Memory Secrets

This morning in Studio C at the Chelsea Piers in Mahattan, Nelson Dellis, the twice-crowned and reigning USA Memory Champion shared some of his secrets to memorization. In an event sponsored by life’sDHA, the amiable Miami native explained that the … READ MORE>>

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