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World Science Festival to Announce Programming and Release Tickets

World Science Festival to Announce Programming and Release Tickets From May 29-June 2 – 5 Days, 5 Boroughs and 50 Incredible Events What: On Tuesday, April 22nd the World Science Festival announces its spectacular program lineup, which takes over New … READ MORE>>

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How Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Will Affect You

Most homeowners know that they don’t want to have a fire in their home, and they don’t want high carbon monoxide levels. However, few homeowners really understand how serious even a small fire in the home can be and how … READ MORE>>

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Brain Pacemakers to Treat Alzheimer’s?

On January 22, 2013, we learned from Ohio State Medical News that during a five-hour surgery last October at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Kathy Sanford became the first Alzheimer’s patient in the United States to have a … READ MORE>>

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Reverse Direction Decoding

Revolutionizing How We Teach Reading by Kenneth Wesson A short list of humankind’s greatest achievements would undoubtedly include the use of tools, language and technology. Reading and writing have become so second nature to educated individuals that reading is taken … READ MORE>>

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Scientists’ Pride and Failed Predictions from the New York Academy of Sciences

The second event of the series Science and the Seven Deadly Sins took place last night at the New York Academy of Sciences. Scientific American‘s George Musser moderated this panel entitled Pride: Flying Cars and Other Broken Promises, where Dr. … READ MORE>>

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Tiffany Shlain on Mindfulness, the Internet & her latest creation, “BRAIN POWER”

A long time ago, longer than I’d care to admit, I was sitting at a dinner gathering and my cousin Fred posed the question: “What do you think is the fastest way to make change…by group consensus or by one … READ MORE>>

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The Irreversible Ways Educational Psychology and Technology Changed the Brain

By Hanna Lindstrom Children today are saturated in technology—from digital learning games to more advanced interactions like social networking and text messaging. The Internet has changed much about how young people today connect and receive information. Though written off by … READ MORE>>

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