The Science Behind Those Moody Blues

There was a long line at the coffee shop, and your shoe broke on the way back home. The dog had an accident on the living room carpet. Again. The client who promised you payment for work submitted last week still hasn’t cut the check, and you just learned that the babysitter you hired for Saturday night can’t make it.

On some days it doesn’t take much to turn a perfectly reasonable mood into a terrifyingly bad one. But the way we see moods—as uncontrollable beasts that take over our minds and bodies—probably causes more damage than the moods themselves. That’s because moods, whether good or bad, are really nothing more than signals sent out by the brain in response to certain conditions. Understanding them and their underlying neurology could actually lead to better quality of life.

So, What’s Causing That Foul Mood Anyway?

Did you ever experience a day that just kept going from bad to worse, with one negative thing happening after the other? It wasn’t the day – we’re sorry to say – it was you.


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