The Zero Point Living the Earth Citizen Way

When we are born, we receive a name. That’s the first piece of information we get. Then we realize we are a certain race, a certain nationality, a certain ethnicity, and the information starts accumulating in our brains. As we grow up, we start to make our own choices of professions, beliefs, religions, political affiliations. We develop our character, our tendencies to be joyful or sad or upset or ambitious. We also create our likes and dislikes—this person, that music, this food. As time goes by, it becomes more difficult to remember our original nature, the state without preferences, without preconceived ideas of what’s right and wrong, good or bad, without particular beliefs, without a name.

When we calm our thoughts and emotions and refresh our brain from past experiences, we can recover that original state, a state we can call the zero point. At zero point, we naturally realize that beyond all our identity boundaries, we are all just human beings belonging to this earth; we are earth citizens. At that moment, our greedy impulses disappear. Since the root of our greed is competition and the root of competition is comparison with others based on our differences, at the zero point—where there are no differences—we are fulfilled simply as earth humans.

The human body itself reveals this reality. All human bodies are composed of the same elements, but each body shows a unique appearance. Also, one part of the body cannot function well without the other parts of the body. It functions as a whole. And there are laws and principles that govern the nature of the body. For example, one cannot bend an arm or a knee backward; or we cannot only inhale or only exhale, we have to do both. When such laws and principles are disrupted, our health gets affected. Like the human body and its different parts, human beings and all of existence are countless forms of the same essence, and they are parts of a whole which functions well when it connects to universal laws and principles.


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