Month: April 2013

In Search of Memory: The Neuroscientist Eric Kandel

“In Search of Memory” is a cinematographic homage to one of the greatest researchers of our generation — Eric Kandel. He is an 83 year-young, Nobel Prize-winning and game-changing neuroscientist who also happens to possess a witty, sentimental and loving persona. In the 95-minute film by Petra Seeger, we get

How Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Will Affect You

Most homeowners know that they don’t want to have a fire in their home, and they don’t want high carbon monoxide levels. However, few homeowners really understand how serious even a small fire in the home can be and how carbon monoxide can affect them, their family and their pets.

Party Monster Blues

My cousin from Moscow is in town this week. He’s one of those remarkable people that can party up a storm while staying entirely composed and, more importantly, perfectly coherent.…

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