Month: October 2017

Syncing To The Rhythms Of Vibrant Health

Such a response is not unusual. After all, what kind of results can you get just by rocking your head back and forth or shaking your body? Conventional wisdom suggests real results only come through a lot of sweat and sore muscles. Could it really be that such a simple exercise can result in remarkable improvements in health?

What Your Handwriting Says About Your Native Language

I puzzled for a long while at why my dad’s handwriting had such an exotic tilt to it, why his letters slanted a certain way, and how I knew that it was his handwriting no matter what. And why other family members, or even friends, wrote like him. And why, even if I didn’t know the person, but saw their handwriting

A (Very) Brief History of Neuroscience

The great Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle believed that our consciousness, imagination and memory was rooted in the human heart. It was a belief he shared with the ancient Egyptians, whose Book of the Dead endorses carefully preserving the heart of a mummy, but recommends scooping out and discarding the brain.

How Effective Are Nootropics (aka “Smart” Pills)?

In reality, there is scant research on the subject of brain-enhancing “smart pills.” This doesn’t stop people from creating them, consuming them, and extoling their alleged virtues. There even exists an online community of advocates who exchange recipes for “stacks” (DIY nootropics)

Keanu Reeves Talks “Replicas” at New York Comic Con

Keanu Reeves took the stage to an attentive, standing room-only audience to discuss his upcoming film “Replicas” at New York Comic Con on October 5. “Replicas” is the story of neuroscientist William Foster, played by Reeves, who brings back to life his wife and children that were killed in a tragic car accident.

Tuning in to the Earth’s Natural Rhythm

Do you feel generally happier and more peaceful when you’re out in nature, away from noise, traffic jams and neon lights? It is not just that you left the city behind. Or that you’re a person who likes nature. In nature, your body more easily tunes into the Earth’s frequency and can restore, revitalize and heal itself

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