Month: November 2017

The Happy School Campaign in South Korea

South Korea’s academic environment is extremely competitive, and many Korean people regard getting into a prestigious university as a prerequisite to success. This kind of atmosphere in society puts great pressure on young people, often resulting in extreme social problems like youth suicide.

Can Addiction Be Positive?

Is there such a thing as “positive” addiction? It sounds contradictory. But what exactly is addiction? An issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter advises us that uncontrollable craving and prolonged use of a substance are involved. The idea of craving was highlighted by research in the 1990s

Walt Disney’s Visual-Spacial Giftedness

Fantasyland, cleverly hidden behind Sleeping Beauty Castle, was, out of the five Disneyland lands, the one most important to Walt Disney himself. Disney’s flare for visual-spatial wonderment was played out here at what was once the core of the Magic Kingdom experience

Brain Basics: Know Your Brain

Frontal Lobe: Part of the cortex, the frontal lobe is a key area in the brain involved in memory, problem solving, language, judgment, impulse control, social behavior and motor function. In a sense, this is where much of our “self” and personality is located. It is also home to executive function

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