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Know Your Brain: How The Left and Right Hemispheres Operate

In ancient Greece, left-brain creativity was attributed to the god Dionysus (the god of wine and drunkenness) while traits of reason and order were ascribed to Apollo — dualities of human nature that to this day are equally prized. The trouble is, this type of thinking is not entirely accurate. At least once in your life you’ve probably described yourself as either left- or right-brained [ … ]

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Unlocking Inspiration: A Q&A With Jason Silva

Futurist, philosopher, artist, TV personality, filmmaker, and public speaker — Jason Silva was born and raised in Venezuela and came to the United States when he was 18 to major in philosophy and film at the University of Miami. His lifelong passion for media, storytelling, and the big questions of life led him to have dialogues on these big ideas in front of the camera. [ … ]

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Know Your Brain: The Motor Cortex — What Moves You

If the visual cortex acts as a camera — revealing the important visual information we need to take in — then think of the motor cortex as a sort of cursor for the body. Located in the cerebral cortex, it is responsible for the planning, control, and execution of each of our voluntary movements. It is best understood divided into three areas, each serving a specific function. [ … ]

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Notes to Live By: Why Your Brain Craves Music

Music isn’t essential for our survival. You won’t die if you go without listening for a week, and it’s not necessary for procreation. So why does your brain crave music? In an issue of Science, neuroscientists reported that music triggers activity in the nucleus accumbens, the same brain structure that releases dopamine, the “pleasure chemical,” during sex and eating. [ … ]

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Are We What We Eat?

The world is full of different cuisines and thousands of different meals. Yet when we reduce them to their essence, there are just a handful of ingredients that our bodies absolutely need to survive. These basic molecules come in a series of groups we’re all familiar with — carbohydrates, fat, protein — each class of molecule is very important for the way our bodies work. So, what to choose? [ … ]

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Assimilated: The Clout of Cults on Identity

As he told it, Ron lived epic. As a youth, he befriended Calvin Coolidge Jr., the son of the president, became a full blood brother of the Pikuni tribe, and won a string of navy battles in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters respectively during World War II. After the war, he pursued his love of writing full time and established a new religion. [ … ]


Aging with a Bilingual Brain

Adaptation of the brain could also be the reason older bilinguals with Alzheimer’s show fewer signs of cognitive malfunction than those who only speak one language. “The brain is more robust, its abilities and functionality are more distributed, so when Alzheimer’s begins to take effect, a bilingual’s brain is better able to adapt,” says Canadian psychologist Ellen Bialystok. [ … ]

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Your Brain On A Diet

A diet is a prescribed selection of foods. In the West, it’s long been advocated as a way of losing weight. Other benefits touted are improved health, sleep, circulation, and even a longer life. As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with new diets. But what do these plans do to our brains? [ … ]