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(Anti-)Social Media: How Social Networks Affect Our Neural Networks

We like to think we are fairly rational and sensible beings, unable to be puppeteered by the internet, but neuroscientists are quickly unveiling how social media networks significantly affect our neural networks and motivate certain behaviors. One candidate in particular understood how to use this hook to his advantage, and built a campaign on rage instead of reason — garnering millions of supporters along the way. You might not have seen it coming, but the science of social media did. [ … ]

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The Inward Eye: Imitating the Brain

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Daniel Amen — author, brain-disorder specialist, and psychiatrist who founded Amen Clinics — who reminded me that the brain is perhaps the only organ that specialists almost never have physical contact with, let alone that they see. “Psychiatrists are really the only practitioners who never look at the organ they treat,” he told me, “and because of that, they hurt people.” [ … ]

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Finding Yourself: Body Schemas and More

Somewhere in our heads, a constant mental narrative tells us where we are, if we’re upside down, where our physical self stops and where the surrounding world begins. Body awareness, also called the body schema or corporeal awareness, is essential for a host of functions that don’t get much attention [ … ]

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The Neuroscience of Lying

Lying is natural. It’s actually pretty necessary for our survival. Can you imagine always having to tell the truth? “How old do you think I am?” or “Do you like my cooking?” are questions we don’t always want to answer honestly, and so we don’t. While additional inquires are often suspended after [ … ]

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Making A Yoga Business Financially Healthy

For many Americans, yoga is no longer just an escape from the material world. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Yoga has become a powerful part of fitness, social, and spiritual culture. And perhaps more tellingly, it is now one of the fastest growing industries in American business. As the yoga industry continues to thrive, it faces a new dilemma [ … ]

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Alternative Medicine: Does It Do the Trick?

Conventional medicine can do amazing things, but despite recent changes in health care, medical treatments can still be expensive, and the side effects of many invasive treatments can be detrimental. It is small wonder then that many people are turning to alternative treatments in hopes of finding a cure. [ … ]


Namaste: Yoga for the Aging Brain

For thousands of years, yoga has stood as one of the most important practices for spiritual discipline and transcendence of the ego. But today, yoga has made its way from out of the ashrams and into multiple neurological institutes and research centers throughout the world, being investigated as a new treatment approach to some of today’s most complicated neurophysiological conditions. [ … ]

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From East to West: Toward Holistic Well-Being

In the not-so-distant past, if you became sick there was a high likelihood that your moral character would be called into question. Physical illness, in all its mystery, was often attributed to some sort of supernatural punishment for sins. And since, in the course of normal human life, it is quite common for people to become ill [ … ]