Month: May 2018

Unleashing Brain Power in the Land of the Free

Liberia, the “Land of the Free,” was founded by African Americans and freed slaves from the United States in 1820. In a few years, thousands of them piled into settlements, and, in 1847, they proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Liberia. After 133 years of

Exploring the Uncanny Valley

With bright red lips, rosy cheeks, and painted smiles, clowns are creepy. They make us balloons shaped like puppies, dance, and tell jokes — they even come out of small clown cars, all to make us laugh. So why are these (supposedly) beloved clowns so unnerving? It’s because of the “uncanny valley”

“Yanny” Versus “Laurel”: When Your “Reality” is Open to Interpretation

It’s the return of the great “What color is this dress?” controversy of 2015, but in audio form. By the time I had heard “Laurel” I immediately began researching the reasons for the differences of opinion. Some had said age matters, or what kind of speakers you are listening to with, or if you have some kind of hearing loss, but I had a chance to immediately put this to the test.

Special Like Starfish: The “Liquid Gold” Within the Umbilical Cord

Along with what color to paint the nursery and what to name the baby, the decision of what to do with their baby’s cord blood is now another choice parents-to-be must make. Nancy Swanson is grateful for the mother who opted to publically donate her baby’s cord blood to the National Marrow Donor Registry

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