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How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

For a century, we’ve heard that IQ is the end-all, be-all measure of an individual’s intelligence. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that the results of IQ tests may be misleading — they simply don’t tell the full story. (An anecdote to drive this point home: I took two online IQ tests. [ … ]

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Where Do We Go From Here? The Psyche on the Move

Centuries ago, our hominin ancestors — apes that have been linked to all modern humans via mitochondrial DNA evidence — began a great migration across the African continent, first originating in the deserts before the land became too harsh to support life. According to some recent studies, apes like orangutans and chimpanzees have demonstrated the ability to make plans [ … ]

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Six Ways to Boost Creativity Outdoors

As the days lengthen and flowers bloom, the impressive majesty of nature takes center stage at last — summer is finally here. The phenomena of the collective physical world have inspired classic works of literature, iconic paintings, and famous symphonies. And it’s all less coincidental than you [ … ]


It’s All In Your Head? Controlling Pain Through the Mind-Body Connection

Calming a frantic person, whether he or she is dealing with worries, sadness or even chronic pain, is a pretty tall order. About one in three Americans — more than 116 million people — lives with long-lasting pain that never seems to go away. Here’s the thing: When pain becomes persistent, even after a person’s underlying problem has been treated or the catalytic injury has healed, it is considered chronic. [ … ]

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Catch a (Brain) Wave

Our brain is composed of neurons, which deliver information to other neurons. In the process, they generate electrical changes, which gather and generate brain waves. Their frequency is a reflection of our brain activities [ … ]

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Does Running With Music Make A Difference?

I’m no marathon runner by traditional standards. I can’t run 26 miles in a day. I’ve never even tried. But I’ve been known to do it in a week. Marathoner or not, I consider myself a part of the running community. I crave runs. I go crazy without them, and I know the difference between a good and a bad run. [ … ]

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Five Ways to Flip the Switch on Misery

Chronic complainers think they are expressing their feelings about their lives — but they do it repeatedly, incessantly and annoyingly, to anyone who will listen. Of course, none of it is their fault — they feel like helpless victims, that there is nothing to do to change their pitiful circumstances. [ … ]

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Discovering Your “Sharing” Brain

If you’re a parent of a toddler, then there’s one monosyllabic phrase that undoubtedly punctuates your days: “Mine!” Children are good at many things that might give grown-ups green horns — such as touching their toes and falling asleep anywhere, to name just a few — but it seems that sharing [ … ]