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Brain Education Exercises For Kids

Brain Education (BE) is a method developed by Ilchi Lee, for developing our innate human capacity for health, well-being, optimal achievement, and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain. It is an educational program designed to promote health, happiness, peacefulness, and achievement. [ … ]

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4 Simple Secrets To Brain Health

Don’t view stress as a problem, but as a challenge. A skier on a mountaintop may interpret her pounding heart, fast breathing and sweaty palms as fear or excitement. Every stressful situation creates physiological symptoms — but you can decide how to play it. [ … ]

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Your Brainwaves On Sleep

We all know good sleep is important, but what is sleep? There are some who believe sleep is nothing more than a random waste of otherwise productive time. “Sleep … Oh! How I loathe those little slices of death,” is a quote attributed to Edgar Allan Poe. Increasingly, sleep is being recognized not [ … ]

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Are Brain Games Effective?

Go into any bookstore and you’re sure to see them: entire shelves full of brain teasers, puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, etc. These books are loaded with all sorts of mental exercises and brain games that supposedly will improve your brain fitness and function simply by playing them. You can find thousands of these sorts of brain boosters online [ … ]

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Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

Emotional development begins very early in life — in infancy, when children first bond with their caregivers — and is not only significant to the formation of the architecture of the brain but has long-term consequences with the emergence of language and social skills. Early emotional intelligence lays the groundwork [ … ]


For The Artist, Age Has Its Advantages

Artistic activity of all kinds — painting, music, writing, crafts, and hobbies — seems to benefit both society and its most senior citizens. It is no accident, I think, that ancient people relied upon their elders to be their “seers,” the visionaries whose final occupation it was to create order out of elemental chaos. [ … ]

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Your Brain on Altered States: On the Origin of Altering Consciousness

When you think of altered states of consciousness (ASC), what are some of the first things that come to mind? If you’re like most of us — and not a neuroscientist or anthropologist — you’ll probably think of 1960s counterculture; of school buses decorated with psychedelic colors and images, crazed rock concerts and the popular use of LSD and other psychoactive drugs. [ … ]

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On Feeling Well: A Brief History of Wellness and the Brain

Did you know you might be living in the golden age of brain science? Our understanding of the human brain is expanding so rapidly that some scientists are calling it such. Yet, there is so much to discover that others liken the brain to a vast, unknown frontier. One thing is known for sure, though — to understand the brain is to understand ourselves. [ … ]

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Ring! Your Intuition is Calling

Everyone has intuition. It’s a part of being human. You don’t need special psychic abilities, a guru, or hours at a time to learn to hear it. The first step to accessing your intuition is becoming aware of it. Intuition is the act of knowing without rational thought processes. [ … ]