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7 Steps to Better Relationships

We all want to have healthy and positive interactions with other people. Yet sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t seem to achieve this goal. Much of our interpersonal conflict stems from how we communicate. Since communication is a multifaceted process involving two or more people, it’s important to [ … ]


Rewrite Your Story, Design Your Future Life

Many people start to look back on their past when they enter the second half of life. In particular, they become immersed in memories as they recall both good and hard times. But such passive retrospection isn’t enough. You must take time to do an interim accounting of your life, reflecting actively and intentionally on your past [ … ]

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Examining Ancient Eastern Medicine

Crystal healing, Reiki medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, hypnosis, pilates, shamanism … the list of alternative medicines appears to be expanding into perpetuity, and the distinctions that separate them grow increasingly abstruse. It’s hard to tell which are just fads with no empirical evidence, and which have [ … ]

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The Altruistic Brain: How We Are Naturally Good

It’s a debate as old as time. Are people instinctively good or bad by nature? Author Donald W. Pfaff, Ph.D., uses brain science to examine this age-old question. In “The Altruistic Brain: How We Get to Be Naturally Good,” Pfaff, a professor of neurobiology and behavior at Rockefeller University, theorizes that humans are good after all [ … ]

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The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

It’s very likely that you’ve heard the expression, “sharing is caring.” While most people tend to fall in line with this notion and engage in sharing because of how good it makes them feel, there are those who harbor alternative motives for displaying this behavior. In fact, this other group of people may engage in sharing only [ … ]