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Winning Attitudes

It starts with getting down to what you’re thinking — or not thinking — in the moment, and whether it’s working. One of the major reasons we play sports is to get our minds off of our troubles, but for some, the trouble is the sport itself. You step to the free-throw line and all you can think about [ … ]

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Where’s Your Brain’s Dictionary?

Research from MIT suggests that there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only language, a finding that marks a major advance in the search for brain regions specialized for sophisticated mental functions. Functional specificity, as it’s known to cognitive scientists, refers to the idea that discrete parts of the brain [ … ]

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Words Can Change Your Brain

Language is one of the most important tools we have. In fact, our newest research show that it’s essential for actually building the framework of consciousness itself. But compared to other species, it turns out that we’re very poor communicators, and we don’t even know it! [ … ]

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Are We What We Eat?

The world is full of different cuisines and thousands of different meals. Yet when we reduce them to their essence, there are just a handful of ingredients that our bodies absolutely need to survive. These basic molecules come in a series of groups we’re all familiar with — carbohydrates, fat, protein — each class of molecule is [ … ]


Dementia: The Rising Dragon

Joyce had always been at the top of her class, from middle school through college. As a young woman in the 1950s, she was defiant toward the belief that women were second-class citizens, only good for staying at home with the kids. Due to her determination, she attended the best law school in the country [ … ]