Neuroplasticity In Action

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change under the influence of experience and activities. Neuroplasticity used to be thought of as a limited phenomenon, mostly restricted to the early years of life. More recently it has been demonstrated that neuroplasticity continues throughout life [ … ]

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From East to West: Toward Holistic Well-Being

In the not-so-distant past, if you became sick there was a high likelihood that your moral character would be called into question. Physical illness, in all its mystery, was often attributed to some sort of supernatural punishment for sins. And since, in the course of normal human life, it is quite common for people to become ill [ … ]

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Mapping the Brain’s Interior Landscape

Like social networks, the brain has a multitude of connections — one hundred trillion of them. As we go through life, the people we meet and our relationships change those networks. Yet little is known about our wiring. In recent years, however, scientists have gotten much closer to mapping the pathways underlying our [ … ]

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Geared for Generosity

To be human is to be kind. Selfishness is learned. Scientists from Oxford to UCLA, Michigan and beyond are proving this and that the brain has areas for smiling and empathy, but not cruelty — which is always a disorder. Kindness — throughout human existence, science tells us that this has [ … ]