Month: December 2018

Understanding Blindsight: An Interview with Dr. Beatrice de Gelder

Dr. Beatrice de Gelder, a cognitive and affective neuroscientist based in the Netherlands, has conducted extensive research on the phenomenon known as “blindsight.” This refers to visual abilities in persons with cortical blindness. Formerly a senior scientist at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

Dolphins Sleep With One-Half of Their Brain At A Time

At the end of the day I all too frequently find myself in disbelief that the time to turn in for the night has arrived so soon. With much left on my to-do list, I struggle to fight the strong urge to close my eyes and drift into the state of non-productivity we call sleep, albeit, with great futility. Once

Anticipation: Changing the Way We Think about Stuttering

Many people who stutter are able to identify a moment when they know they are about to trip up on a word or phrase. According to Eric S. Jackson, assistant professor at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, that moment can be characterized as “anticipation” and is largely invisible

Every Human Being Has The Fundamental Right To Education

Education is also important because development is not just economic growth; education equips people with the values that make it possible for us to peacefully and respectfully coexist in our diversity, and it actually enables us to live peacefully together.

Imagine That — Imagination Is Lot Like the Real Thing (To Your Brain)

Albert Einstein once famously remarked that imagination was better than knowledge, since knowledge is limited. It may sound like a justification of ignorance to some, but a recent study suggests he was onto something. New research in brain imaging conducted by researchers at the University at Colorado

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