4 Fun And Trendy Ways To Renovate Your Room

You’ve spent more time at home in the last year-plus than you have in your entire life — so you have probably learned from this experience what rooms in your home look great — and which ones need some TLC. If you’re looking for a good home project, there are myriad ways to redo or completely renovate different rooms in your home — so they feel more inviting, attractive, and unique.

As for ideas to get you started on an interior design project, consider the following suggestions.

1. Add Photography Art

One way to instantly transform any room into a trendier space is by adding photography art. What’s cool about this type of art is that the various styles of photos can evoke a different mood for a given room. For instance, landscape photographs of mountain vistas or fields of flowers can make a room feel roomier and inspire a sense of adventure.

Tasty-looking food photo art is inherently ideal for a kitchen or breakfast nook. And, if you’re trying to transform your cluttered living room into an organized space with clean lines to convey a sense of necessity — a single minimalist piece of photo art will help to set the tone.

renovate room

Or, if you want to redo your bedroom with some vintage pieces, adding photography art of a building from yesteryear will complement an old-time look and feel.

2. Update The “Fifth Wall”

Another easy and fun way to add some pizazz to any room is by experimenting with the “fifth wall” — otherwise known as the ceiling. For instance, if you’re not overly excited about creating an accent wall in your dining room because it’s so commonplace, then keep the four walls the same shade and opt for a different color for the ceiling. While the options are countless, keep in mind that you can paint or even add wallpaper to the ceiling. Whether you go with lime green, deep blue, cheery lavender, or patterned wallpaper — a colorful ceiling will immediately transform the look of the entire room.

3. Hang A Swing Chair

For rooms that need additional seating, shop for another chair or small sofa — or you could add a unique option with a swing chair. This type of chair will look especially great in a corner; just add some pillows and a fluffy blanket to it and you may find yourself having to reserve time to use this cozy and relaxing space for reading, catching up on texts, or watching TV and movies — due to its popularity among your family and friends.

renovate room

4. Clean Out Your Bedroom

One way to make your bedroom look and feel more relaxing is to remove as much clutter as possible. While you may be able to donate some unwanted items, chances are you may want to keep a lot of it — and that’s perfectly fine. The key is to use the typically wasted space underneath your bed and to store items in totes and boxes on wheels.

To that end, you can purchase bed height extenders that will add a few more inches of storage under the bed. To cover these storage units, add a beautiful new bed skirt. Finally, trade in your traditional nightstand for a rolling bar cart that will hold your alarm clock and box of tissues on top, extra pillowcases below, and a basket or two for earplugs, your phone charger, and other small items.

Both You and Home Will Be Rejuvenated

Renovating different rooms in your home doesn’t have to involve a ton of time or money. As you can see, relatively simple changes can add up to a big difference in terms of how a room looks and feels. From adding photography art or color to a blah ceiling to hanging a swing chair in the family room or making your room as decluttered as possible — your home will start to feel like the wonderful and peaceful haven that you know it to be.

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