Am I Blue?

Ah, blueberries: the refreshing taste of summer. What could be more gratifying than popping them into your mouth one by one, their ripe, sweet and sour goodness being crushed between your teeth, leaving a faint bluish tint on your pucker?

But there’s much more to the little berry than you’re probably aware of. Most people know that blueberries are an antioxidant—an anti-cancer, anti-aging and disease-fighting element. But what’s not always known is that, according to the USDA and Tufts University, eating this fruit daily will most likely reverse age-related brain decline, as well as age-related loss of balance, and improve short-term memory loss.

Here’s how: Highly reactive forms of oxygen called free radicals create chemical reactions that damage brain cells. Tiny nutrients from food help the oxygen in your brain fight free radicals. Antioxidants are your first line of defense against free radicals. To counteract these radical oxidants, the brain needs an ample supply of antioxidants.

Hence, blueberries.

There is no shortage of what you can do with the little darlings: Eat them straight off the bush or as a frozen treat. Try them in a smoothie or in yogurt. Have one cup daily, and blue your brains out! bw

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