This Is Your Brain on Games

Do you love doing crossword puzzles or playing sudoku because you think it keeps your mind sharp? Well, think again. “Most of those things don’t have a measurable impact — if it makes people happy to play them that’s good, but it doesn’t make them smarter,” says Steven Aldrich [ … ]

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4 Simple Secrets To Brain Health

Don’t view stress as a problem, but as a challenge. A skier on a mountaintop may interpret her pounding heart, fast breathing and sweaty palms as fear or excitement. Every stressful situation creates physiological symptoms — but you can decide how to play it. [ … ]

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Helping War-Affected Children in Liberia

Growing up in a village in Grand Bassa County in the west-central portion of Liberia, Remongar Dennis was one of only seven children to survive infancy in what would have been a family of 13. He was the only child in his family to go to school. Now Liberia’s deputy permanent representative to the U.N. [ … ]

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Why You Can’t “Just Say No”: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Frascella

Dr. Joseph Frascella, Ph.D., director of NIDA’s Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research Division, heads a broad drug abuse and addiction program of translational research and research training in clinical neuroscience, human development and behavioral treatment. He discusses how drug addiction changes the brain, why children are particularly vulnerable, and how neuroscience and brain imaging can change what the future holds for treatment. [ … ]