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Why Do We Crave? The Science Behind Food Cravings

The reward mechanisms that control cravings are very similar to the ones in addiction. “We think that cravings for drugs and food (particularly so-called ‘hedonic foods’ that are high-fat, high-sugar) are very similar,” says Natalia Lawrence, senior lecturer in translational medicine at the University of Exeter.

How Magicians Use Illusions To Fool Your Brain

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Clad in a tuxedo, the tall and bearded conjurer tosses the ball up. Once, twice, thrice — voilà! The ball disappears midflight. You’re absolutely sure that your gaze didn’t waver from it, so where did the ball go? Of course, it didn’t actually disappear forever

Could Gossip Actually Be Good For You?

Do you think that a bunch of colleagues chirping away at the water cooler are merely gossipers wiling their time away? You’d rather focus on the memo you have to turn in by the end of the day, wouldn’t you? Perhaps you should think again. By avoiding gossip, you could be missing out

More, Please: Why We Crave Comfort Foods

It’s tricky to distinguish cravings from real hunger. “There is not too much real difference metabolically; cravings do create some of the same metabolic hunger signals as real hunger,” says Susan Roberts, professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University