Memory Keepers: What You Can Do for Your Brain

If the inability to recall where you put your keys, parked your car, or remember the name of someone you just met has you convinced you’re losing your mind, you’re not alone — or off the mark. As you get older, your brain loses mass as cells die out, and memory goes with them. “It’s a very gradual process, but studies have found changes in the brains of people in their early 30s,” says neuroscientist Gary Small [ … ]

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Puppy Love? It’s All In Your Brain

Loyal, lovable and protective of us and our property, dogs have been our best friends since the last Ice Age, as a 27,000-year-old painting of a child and a dog on the walls of Chauvet Cave in France bears out. Studies showing that the companionship, unconditional love and sense of well-being that dogs provide make us happier [ … ]