Rewrite Your Story, Design Your Future Life

Many people start to look back on their past when they enter the second half of life. In particular, they become immersed in memories as they recall both good and hard times. But such passive retrospection isn’t enough. You must take time to do an interim accounting of your life, reflecting actively and intentionally on your past [ … ]

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Becoming An Earth Citizen

I, together with world-renowned academics, political leaders, and senior journalists, held the Humanity Conference to suggest the need for a common identification beyond the limits of religion, nationality, and ideology. We introduced the idea of the “earth human” — someone who lives for the betterment [ … ]

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Let’s Hear the Earth’s Plea

What is the relationship between humans and nature? What have we communicated to the Earth, and what message is the Earth trying to convey to us now? We may consider these events to be natural disasters, but we have to realize that they are actually the result of choices that each of us makes [ … ]

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Feeling the Earth As Crucial to Our Lives

I believe that the two most important values in the 21st century are the Earth and the human brain. The Earth’s health is the only vision that is all-encompassing enough to overcome the ethnic, cultural, religious, and national tensions that exist. Only the Earth can become the central axis [ … ]

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Shine a Light on Limitless Learning

The human brain has limitless potential. That’s what I realized as I transformed myself from someone who could never pay attention in school and took the college entrance exam three years in a row to someone who successfully completed a degree in clinical pathology. [ … ]