Getting Your Life Back After A Head Injury

Your head is arguably the most important part of your body. Containing your brain, this part of you is responsible for controlling not only your thoughts but also your actions. Your body does a very good job of protecting your brain, and it takes quite a lot to damage this vital organ. Head injuries are more common than many people think [ … ]


Caring For Your Hands And Feet As You Get Older

While we might focus on those new fine lines on our face, the new backaches, and the changes to our hearing and sight, how often do we talk about the ways in which our hands and feet can change? If you’ve been noticing they need a little more care lately, here are some of the reasons why and just what you can do about them. [ … ]


Taking Advantage of Technology For Your Health

Technology is not just for work or play anymore. It has become an essential tool in the health care industry. From apps that help track your appointments to social media campaigns that raise awareness, there are many ways you can take advantage of technology to stay healthy and informed about your health. Here are four innovative ways [ … ]


Keeping Your Brain Active During Summer Vacation

Whether you’re are a student or long into your working career, summer often feels like the right time of year for your brain to take a little vacation. The weather is warmer and it feels like your time to relax. However, you don’t have to check out completely — there are ways to maintain your ability to concentrate and your memory [ … ]


Why Is Anxiety So Common Today?

Anxiety is a major issue in modern society, with many people struggling with this mental health condition. If you’re struggling with something like this — it is well worth your time to look for help — and there is never a better time to do this than now. [ … ]