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Coffee Could Boost Your Memory

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Ah, a fresh “crawford” — it’s what my friends call a coffee and a delicious vehicle for caffeine. What could be better than a fresh craw on a cold day? Well, it may help me remember that cute barista who served it to me. In a study published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers discovered one more of coffee’s perks

Coming to Terms With Fear

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What is fear? Most people think of “fear” as the conscious feeling they get when in danger. I feel afraid when I’m standing on top of a mountain ledge. I’m scared when I hear a noise in an old building. Spiders of all sizes are frightening, and uncertainty is terrifying.

The Influence of Disgust on Morality

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Morality is thought to rely on emotions, and disgust is one of them. In a legal system where guilt is not only determined by the existence of hard evidence but also by one’s intention to do harm, emotional persuasion weighs heavily on all parties. In court, moral decisions abound from the moment

Does Running With Music Make A Difference?

I’m no marathon runner by traditional standards. I can’t run 26 miles in a day. I’ve never even tried. But I’ve been known to do it in a week. Marathoner or not, I consider myself a part of the running community. I crave runs. I go crazy without them, and I know the difference between a good and a bad run.

Cultivating Compassion

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Rather than describing when I have a headache, I try to look at days I don’t have one. In the past three years, that count has been zero, and I can’t remember before that. They became a problem in 2008. Ever since, I’ve been weaving through the intricate tangle of America’s healthcare system, seeking traditional and alternative therapies

Man’s Best Friend For 32,000 Years (and Counting)

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Dogs and humans share a mutual desperation for each other’s attention. According to a study in Nature Communications, scientists estimate that dogs and humans have been best friends for quite some time; they’re talking, 32,000 years! By sequencing the genomes of our hairy best friends – dogs – and comparing them with their even hairier ancient ancestors – grey wolves