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Preparing Your Home To Welcome Your Senior Parent

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With over 20 million baby boomers living through their retirement, the odds are that you may have a senior parent that is preparing to move into your home. For many families, bringing a parent into the home is a preferable option to retirement facilities or nursing homes. Welcoming a parent into your home can be both a stressful and joyful

How Air Quality Affects Your Health

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Living in an urban environment means that air pollution is slowly affecting your health. However, you are impacted by air quality even if you do not live in a city, as smoke from climate change-induced wildfires can reach across entire countries. Without immediate and dramatic actions from the world community, air quality

How To Prepare And Study For An Engineering Degree

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Earning an engineering degree can open up a world of opportunity — with the discipline extending into every industry, one can work in just about any specialty in which they are passionate about. While your future will be full of options, undertaking and completing an engineering degree is a challenge even for the most intelligent and

How To Prevent (and Deal With) Hearing Loss

hearing loss

While the thought of diminishing your ability to hear may sound troubling, it is more common than you might realize — with one out of three people experiencing a hearing impairment by the time they reach 65. Here are the most common causes for the loss of hearing that you should be aware of.

Exploring Online Courses During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic remains the world’s greatest concern today. Many people have made significant personal adjustments in compliance with public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Some companies assigned their employees to work from home, and some schools created various options for